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Pete Brazier

Hi, I'm Pete Brazier. I have pastoral charge of Underhill, Wyke Regis, Lanehouse and Broadwey. As a newcomer to the Island of Portland I am 'kimberlin'. I have a passion for a Gospel rooted in Christ through social justice and creativity and a desire to see the Church echo the beauty of God's creation.
I am a musician and songwriter, artist and fractal theologian (if you have the time — ask me what that means). I play many instruments, but don't ask me to sight read. I also enjoy the technical sides of creativity as I see that as part of the creative process. I love many forms of human creativity; especially music, film and tv drama and comedy. I love great dialogue, great images and humour which expresses the wonderful absurdity of what it is to be one of God's creatures. I have a desire to see the church growing in a way that expresses the open love of God to all the diversity of human life.

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