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Dear Easton Methodist Church Family & Friends,

As you may know (and may have experienced in previous years), our main sanctuary isn't always the most comfortable or warmest place to sit in or worship in during the winter months. It is also not the most economical part of the building to heat.

The stewards and church council have decided that after Christmas, for the months of January, February, and March 2020, Sunday morning worship will be held in the main hall. This is for 10:30am All-Age Worship and Sermon Steam that follows. Messy Church will meet in the Weston Room. Activate Youth Group will meet in the Southwell Room as usual on the first Sunday of the month.

The services may have a different feel as aspects of cafe-style worship may be incorporated- similar to the previous two years of Easter Day services. We will aim to have a service that will be all-age friendly, as well, where children and young people along with adults will stay together in the service. The aim of that service will be to have aspects of worship that can connect with any age.

We recognise that moving to a different part of the church building is a huge change for some in our church family. Heating the sanctuary is a challenge during winter financially and practically. Apart from the economic impact on the church, this decision is one that hopes to make worship more comfortable during winter. Some members still struggle with the cold weather when the church is heated, so this may make it physically more comfortable. We hope that moving to the main hall will also be an opportunity to reach our community in a different way by providing an accessible place to worship.

Yours in Christ,
Easton Methodist Church Stewardship

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